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Wedding Insurance. Do I need it?

So you’ve popped the question, booked your venue, along with that fantastic function band Monotones! With weddings being an expensive occasion, should you fork out for insurance to cover it?

Wedding insurance is designed to protect you from losses should you need to claim. Only get wedding insurance should you be out of pocket should anything go wrong

  1. If the financial cost of rearranging is too much, then you might want to look at insurance.
  2. Insurance usually covers venue or supplier failure, not cold feet.
  3. Paying by credit card can give you some protection, but not to the level some insurance policies do.
  4. The sooner you buy your cover, the sooner you’re covered. Some policies allow you to purchase up to two years in advance.
  5. Keep a record of everything you book and keep receipts

Unfortunately, some suppliers have stopped selling new policies due to coronavirus and the risk of cancellation, for those that are still selling check the small print.




The queries have started coming in thick and fast regarding logistics due to the Covid-19 breakout.

If you are looking to postpone your booking until a later date, then, of course, we will accommodate and honour any new dates where possible.

Please email if you have any questions about your booking.

We’ve had a few queries regarding the dates at York Racecourse too-we have emailed the racecourse for clarification and will let you know as soon as we do.

All a bit rubbish and our industry will certainly be one of the hardest hit, but public health comes first and it is unavoidable.

For those who’s bookings are going ahead regardless, be assured that we have procedures in place following the Government’s recommendations and these will are being followed with immediate effect.

Stay safe,

Monotones x

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